• 1. Star
    2. Sugar
    3. Shy Ma Boy
    4. Oh My God
    5. Rain & Cry
    6. Not Today Not Tomorrow
    7. Silly Boy
    8. Somebody
    9. Can¡¯t Hide it
    10. I Dream



Teenage Duo ¡®15&¡¯, Comes Back with Sweet 1st Album
Park Jimin and Baek Yerin, Sweet Stage Comeback with 1st Album

- 15& Park Jimin and Baek Yerin, releases their 1st Album , which is the same name as its title song.
- The 1st Album is filled with emotions of a teenage girl and unravels the genre of R&B soul.
-An album that proves how much the two girls have grown-up canorously, with their spectacular vocals, within a two-year-period ever since their debut.

The two teenage girls of the same age that have made up the group '15&' have come back with their 1st Album .

In 2012, the two girls sang about dreams and hopes with the debut song, 'I Dream', and slowly made clear of their talent by releasing 'Somebody' in 2013 and 'Can't hide it' in April, 2014.

In May, 2014, the two girls have gotten into their own stride of R&B soul genre and at the same time enclosed the peculiar sensitiveness of teenage girls in their 1st Album .

The new album includes 10 songs which are of the following;
- 'Star', an insinuation to 15&'s young but boundless potentials upon the topic of stars.
- 'Sugar' both title song and album name, exposes the emotions of falling in love and uses
metaphorical expressions as if sugar was a magical spell.
'Shy Ma Boy', a cute song that displays guile of teenage girls, with lyrics showing that if a guy confesses his love towards the girl, than in return she will pick the guy.
'Oh My God', a song which shows an unexpected feeling of love with a mixture of fresh, brimful and strong expressions.
'Rain & Cry', a song reflecting a heart-broken break up upon tears.
'Not Today Not Tomorrow', expresses confused feelings about an old flame.
'Silly boy', a song describing the sensitive feelings of a teenager, when someone you thought as "just a friend" starts looking like a "real man."
'Somebody' a cute song that gives off fresh charms towards love.
'Can't hide it' a song describing falling in love for the first time at adolescence.
'I Dream', the debut song filled with dreams and hopes for the future.

This Spring, we invite you to the world of R&B soul that can be expressed only by 15&!

  • Sugar

  • Can't hide it

  • Somebody