• 1. Try
    2. 20 (feat. Young K)
    3. Walkin’ (feat. Hash Swan)
    4. ANSWER
    5. to him
    6. ANSWER (Demo Ver.)



Jimin Park as 20 years old delivers consolation and sympathy to the youth! First participation in producing all the songs in her digital mini album [19to20]

- From a 19 year-old girl to a 20 year-old, Jimin Park footsteps towards a musician
- Jimin Park, an artist who holds both purity and maturity, her first self-produced solo album includes her own story
- Sings the growth pain of 20 years old! The title song ‘Try’ embodies her consolation towards the youth.

Jimin Park, a musician who just turned 20, publishes her second solo album.

Jimin Park’s first self-produced digital mini album [19to20], as its title suggests, embodies her growth from a 19 year-old girl to a 20 year-old.

This album, which demonstrates Jimin Park’s musical maturity, is even more special due her participation in song-making and lyric-writing.

Including the title song ‘Try’, which seems to be a vocal copy of all youth’s contemplation in life, the album is composed of 6 songs – ‘20’, ‘Walkin’’, ‘ANSWER’, 'to him', and 'ANSWER(Demo Ver.)'.
The title ‘Try’, which is written by Jimin Park, NODAY, and CHLOE, is a pop R&B and well embodies Jimin Park’s relaxed, yet energetic voice. Lyrics such as ‘Things that people say, Do not get to me, it is not okay’, ‘There are hard times for everyone, Hesitant to tell, I just keep thinking’ form sympathy and thus delivers ‘audible consolation’.

‘20’ is produced by Jimin Park and DAY6’s rapper Young K, and is featured by its cheerful pop beat that makes one think of a party in summertime. ‘Walkin’, ‘ANSWER’, ‘to him’, which all sing the feeling of unrequited love, are featured by Jimin Park’s trademark - her soulful voice.

Standing on the border line between carefreeness and maturity, 20 year-old Jimin Park has produced an album that well employs her ambivalent sensibility, and makes the crowd look out for how she would develop her unlimited musical potentiality.

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  • jiminxjamie

  • 2016-12-07