• 1. Bye bye my blue
    2. His Ocean
    3. Zero

Bye bye my blue


Yerin Baek comes back on June 20th with her digital single, ‘Bye bye my blue’! JYP’s representative ‘emotional-toned goddess’ has returned! By participating in lyric making for her title song ‘Bye bye my blue’, she foreshows the emersion of JYP’S next singer-songwriter.

- A goddess with a touching voice, Yerin Baek, releases her new digital single, ‘Bye bye my blue’.
- JYP’s next giant in the digital music market, Yerin Baek, has made a comeback in 7 months with her digital single, ‘Bye bye my blue’ on the 20th.
- An ‘emotional-toned goddess’, Yerin Baek releases her new title song, ‘Bye bye my blue’! The emotional R&B song highlights her sweet voice.

Yerin Baek, the ‘emotional-toned goddess’, comes back with her digital single, ‘Bye bye my blue’.

‘Bye bye my blue’ is her second digital single after ‘Across the universe’ and consists of 3 songs: the title song with the same name - ‘Bye bye my blue’, ‘His ocean’, and ‘Zero’.

This album is released 7 months after ‘Across the universe”, which swiped the music charts right after its release, and as a result, the attention from the public has been heightened. Notably, she has written 2 other songs that contain her own emotion and sensitivity which demonstrate her development as a musician.

Also, Yerin Baek has showed both ‘feminine style’ and ‘delicate assimilation of music’ through her unique, affective tone, reminding the public her potential as the next giant of the digital music market.

The title song with the same name as the album, ‘Bye bye my blue’ is an impressive R&B song that features Yerin Baek’s voice with excellent sensitivity along with the soft piano melody. The song was made through her second cooperation with “Cloud”, who also participated in making ‘Across the Universe’.

Notably, the lyrics such as ‘Although I have a lot, I’m still not quite like you. Every day I walk alone, over the painful memories’, ‘My my my darling. Just calling your name makes my heart full’ fully conveys anxiety and mournfulness about love.

After a calm melody that spreads out relaxedly, ‘Bye bye my blue’ later delivers the sensation of swirling wave, and, through her delicate delivery of lyrics and appealing tone, has become an extremely emotional song as if were it to be a hand-written letter of her compressed feelings.

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