• 1. Blue
    2. Across the universe
    3. As I am
    4. Don't leave me alone
    5. zZ
    6. That’s why



Yerin Baek, Announces Her First Solo Album ‘FRANK’ on November 30th

- Yerin Baek, Her First Solo Album ‘FRANK’ After the Debut in 2012
- Participates in the Lyrics-Composition of All Tracks, Presents Herself as the Next Generation Singer Song-Writer
- 'FRANK', an Autobiographical Album that Contains the Universe for Nineteen Years Old

Yerin Baek announces her first solo album ‘FRANK’ on November 30th. Although she is young, Yerin, debuted as ‘15&’ with Jimin Park in 2012, has received a modifier ‘a singer to listen to with a faith’ because of her outstanding vocal skills and emotional expression. In the solo album 'FRANK', she has participated in the lyrics-composition of all tracks, even showing potential to become the next generation singer song-writer. Moreover, she has put great effort to express her sensitivity in the jacket photographs and the music video by planning the concept by herself and so on.

The solo album’s title, 'FRANK' means ‘straightforwardly’ ‘honest’. To be commensurate with the album title, Yerin narrates her transparent and frank story in her music. The lyrics that puts together the words written on a notepad, the past memories and current thoughts about the self delineates the world around Yerin. 'FRANK' is likely to be an album that peeks at the color of the universe for nineteen years old girl, Yerin.

The title song 'Across the universe' is created by Yerin and producer '구름.’ The song describes miraculous yet empty feelings of a space called 'universe' with music. She has completed a new type of song with a unique emotion by finding the similarities between the universe, which cannot be explained thoroughly with just science, and people’s feelings, which cannot be expressed entirely in just words. Yerin exceeds one-dimensional love and farewell, and sings about a space between you and I and delicacy that exists between.

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