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Hopeless Love


Explosive Singing, Jimin Park ‘Hopeless Love’
Competes Against the Sorrow of Parting with Her Explosive Singing! Jimin Park ‘Hopeless Love’

- Jimin Park’s First Solo Debut in 3 Years, ‘Hopeless Love.’
- A Song about the Pain of the Unrequited Love for a Friend.
- A Dreamlike Atmosphere, the Piano Accompaniment in Sad Emotional Code, Repetitive Percussions Characterize the Album about the Sorrow of Parting.
- Written by J.Y. Park “The Asiansoul” from JYP, Composed by Lee Woo Min ‘collapsedone’, who Produced G.Soul and HA:TFELT’s Solo Albums.

Jimin Park makes her first solo debut with ‘Hopeless Love.’

Jimin Park releases her first solo digital album in 3 years! Because she has received huge love with her lively and witty characteristics while she played duet with Yerin Baek in 15&’s last album ‘Love is Madness,’ Jimin Park raises high expectations about this album. Singing ‘Rolling in the Deep‘ in <KPOP STAR Season 1> in 2012, she had become popular and highly praised by stars from worldwide even at young age. Therefore, her first solo album raises people’s expectations, receiving enthusiastic responses.

The first solo debut album’s title song, ‘Hopeless Love’ is a song that expresses the pain of the unrequited love for a friend in sad and pitiful lyrics. The song’s dreamlike atmosphere and melody, the piano accompaniment in sad emotional code, repetitive percussions together give a deep impression. The song is very sensitive as Jimin’s explosive singing and emotional vocal melody line express the profound love.

Written by J.Y. Park “The Asiansoul”, composed by Lee Woo Min ‘collapsedone’, who produced G.Sou and HA:TFELT’s solo albums, co-produced by Swedish Producer Fredrik ‘Fredro" Ödesjö’, and co-worked with ‘Negin Djafari’, who participated the famous artists’ composition, such as Miley Cyrus, BoA, TVXQ’s songs, ‘Hopeless Love’ highly raises expectations about the album. Jimin reaches out to her fans with the first solo album ‘Hopeless Love’ in a more matured appearance.

In ‘Hopeless Love’, Jimin Park narrates a sad story about the unrequited love and competes against the sorrow of parting with her explosive singing. Enjoy the album and be fascinated with Jimin Park’s unique energetic attraction.

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