• 1. Love is Madness (feat. Kanto of TROY)

Love is Madness


A Teenage Girl Duo ‘15&’, Diss Love!

- 15& Park Jimin and Baek Yerin, Release their Comeback Single ‘Love is Madness’
- Diss a Repetitive Contradiction in Love that is Sometimes Vain and Reckless
- Expresses the ‘Sympathy Code’ for Love and Parting in a Teenage Girls’ Emotion

A teenage girl duo 15& intends to diss love.
15&, who came back with a Single ‘Love is Madness’, breaks the traditional, unchanged romantic sensibility and drastically sends a message: Love is madness. 15& whines about the repetitive contradiction in love that is sometimes vain and reckless. This song is 15&’s style of ‘Love Diss’ song.
The lyrics realistically and frankly express thoughts in a reaction to parting, and so the common ‘code’ for love and parting experience develops sympathy.

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